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Solid Rock Tasmania are rock wall specialists. Our sandstone block retaining wall system has been engineer designed and certified. These rock sawn blocks are a premium product that is structurally sound.

Our pre engineered block wall system saves you substantial engineering costs, where council approval is required this streamlines the process. The blocks are each fitted and dry stacked. Weighing ¾ of a ton each their sheer mass and large footprint means that once placed with the excavator they do not move.

The simple dry stacked design enables the wall to flex with seasonal ground conditions. Not much can compare to the natural beauty of these sandstone block walls.

The team at Solid Rock Tasmania can make an impressive structure that will not look out of place next to your heritage or modern home.

Boulder Rock Walls

Solid Rock Tasmania’s sandstone boulder rock walls are the perfect choice for landscaping projects. They can still be used to build a retaining wall and also suit the freestyle type of design.

Our team have been doing this for a long time and have the experience, skills and creativity to delivery a first class result. We have pride in our work and each customers job is treated as if it was at our own home.
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Solid Rock Tasmania have limited supplies of convict style blocks (300 x 300 x random) that we hand cut from stone left over from the retaining wall blocks (500x500x1000-1500). 

We can build small garden walls and edging with these blocks or they look great on driveway edging.
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